My Story

Alice Reade

Kia ora, my name is Alice Reade and I love to spend my downtime exploring the land and sea with my sketchbook closely by my side. I grew up in Ruby Bay, Nelson with the wealth of beautiful bush and water surrounding. I, as I am sure we all do, find myself feeling empowered, liberated and inspired in our wild environment – so much beauty, wonder, life and energy. I particularly love to create work of our collection of birds that once ruled the land, evolving to become such unique and interesting characters. As you all will know, they and therefore our forests and whole environment are greatly under threat from predators and human activity.

Recently I was privileged enough to volunteer on both Whenua Hou and Pukenui with the Kakapo recovery program. Both predator-free, these islands are truly magical and inspiring places that give a glimpse of what Aotearoa once was. Through my work I hope to educate and inspire people to think about this and get involved in protecting Aotearoa. Whether that is starting to trap your back yard, getting involved in a local conservation project by either donating your time or money, reducing your impact on the environment, or starting your own initiative – get creative!

I am also partway through my architecture masters study and interested in critically examining what architecture can do in the broader picture of sustainability, resilience and development and the imminent need for this. I’ve got a few projects underway with my art and architecture and am excited to see what the future holds. You can see what I am up to and sketches from my adventures on my Instagram alicereade, facebook page Alice Reade, and soon this website. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, pondering… please message me on any of those channels or email me at , I love hearing from people 😊