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Tui Pair

I fell in love with one of Alice’s pieces, “Quarrelling Tui” which sadly was sold before I could commit. Alice then worked with me on my first ever commission, made possible by the surprise donations of generous family and friends for a significant birthday.  My late Mother had always loved tui and as she neared the end of her life she promised she would always be near me, returning as one of these beautiful birds. Alice came out to my home to see where the completed picture would hang and we discussed at length how I wanted the piece to look and what it was to convey. I chose a photograph of a pair of tui, which spoke to me of both my late Mother and my recent 40th wedding anniversary.

Alice began a series of pencil sketches, some coloured, others not, with varying backgrounds. Who could not choose the vibrancy of colour of tui which Alice faithfully rendered in coloured pencil. She created the stunning green wash background I had requested featuring kowhai, ferns and koru. Alice also arranged the framing and  personally delivered my completed “Tui Pair”. I found hanging the work at the end of this journey an emotional experience.

Every day I admire my tui as they proudly puff their plumage and keep a watch over me with their unblinking black eyes. Alice knew exactly what the picture meant to me on all levels and treated the whole process with genuine respect and consideration. I am proud to have her work hang in my home and will take pleasure in watching her progress.

Nan Ward, Nelson

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